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The Cyborg


The cyborg is the product of Soviet military technology. Developed during the Cold War, the first tests produced highly unreliable and extremely expensive combat robots. The research scientists then turned to a solution comprising a half-man half-machine hybrid.

The programme was halted after the fall of the Soviet bloc and resumed when, in 2009, operation “HOKUM” was planned (a massive military operation launched by the Russians with a view to rebuilding the Soviet empire).

In 2011, when the first cyborgs were ready to emerge from the scientific laboratories, the Russian government was toppled. The members of the Red Mafia, the new masters of Russia, discovered these combat machines among the military arsenal, and wanted to use them for their personal ends...

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The cyborg is a perfect illustration of the alliance of nano-technologies and molecular biology.

The cyborg’s defence system is a meticulous replica of the defence mechanisms found in a living organism.

When it senses an attack, the eco-system generated by the cryo-gases released by the cyborg’s inner walls become instable, triggering a chain of electrical discharges and this energy envelope around the cyborg creates a protective energy shield.

This shield can absorb damage inflicted by enemies, but is also altered by their repeated attacks.

Should the energy shield be destroyed, the cyborg’s vital statistics will come under threat. When these life points reach zero, the cyborg draws on its ultimate resource: the emergency system.

A fine example of the technological advances made by the UCCK research scientists, this system is triggered during combat when the enemy thinks the cyborg is dead. By activating the emergency system, the cyborg will proceed to repair its damaged areas.

Once the repair is complete, the activation of the heart battery by defibrillator resuscitates the cyborg to enable it to continue fighting.

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  • An on-board computer enabling the cyborg to extract and analyse data on its environment and enemies.
  • The sprawl-52E stealth robot is remote-controlled by the cyborg; its small size means that it can enter areas that are difficult to access, e.g. electrical and electronic systems in doors, etc. to find the access code to open the door.
  • Weapons: the Glock 136 pistol, the Gatling GAU-8 Avenger machine gun, the ASG-29C assault rifle, the Dragunov SVD-12 repeater gun, the HF-11 flame thrower, the RPG-56 rocket launcher. See chapter: Weapons.

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The Arsenal


The Gatling GAU-9 "Avenger":

Developed from the famous “Gatling” GAU-8 on the A-10, an aircraft dating from the late 20th century, this portable version for ground troops has a firing rate of a phenomenal 4,000 rounds per minute of effective fire over a wide area.

SVD-12_01 repeater gun:

This weapon is used by numerous criminal organisations and by a large number of “contract” killers world-wide. Its high level of accuracy means that the SVD-12 is lethal at a distance of over 1 kilometre.

The RPG-56 rocket launcher:

The RPG-56 is used on every battlefield on the planet; by regular armed forces, rebel militia and terrorist groups alike. Experience on the ground has shown that the RPG–56 is the most versatile weapon around: it can destroy armoured vehicles, bring down helicopters, decimate troop formations and eliminate ground troops with ease.

The HF-11 flame thrower:

This weapon, used mainly by the military, enables the user to effectively clear a zone containing biological entities in a few seconds…

The ASG-29C_01 assault rifle:

This rifle can kill one or several attackers with a single shot.

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Instinctive fire:

Enemies can appear from anywhere, whether you are on the docks or exposed in a city. Instinctive fire allows the player to shoot in all the directions visible on the screen using a crosshair. A mere fraction of a second is all it takes to kill an enemy… or to be killed by one.

Precision fire:

In certain situations it is useful to fire at a target with greater accuracy; whether to hit a specific hostile area or to avoid injuring a hostage. Precision fire enables the player to have a close-up view of the action and to aim with greater precision.

"Sniper" mode:

You can use a “sniper” scope at a certain distance from the enemy. This enables you to zoom in and out of a scene and to shoot at your enemies without them detecting the direction of the fire. Targeting strategic points enables you to inflict heavier damage.

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The Town

The cyborg is specialized in city combat, both in open (streets, places, bridges) and closed environments (nightclubs, boats, apartments...).

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The cyborg was also designed to move about and fight effectively in an underwater environment.

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The Story


1991: The fall of the Soviet bloc.

2007: The United States places long-range nuclear missiles in Europe. This heralds the renewal of tension between the United States and Russia: it is the start of a new Cold War.

2011: The arms race. The trafficking of nuclear arms proliferates and the money earned from it allows some mafia organisations to become extremely influential. The Russian government is toppled by the Red Mafia.

2033, 14th August: The Red Mafia demonstrates its power by launching a lightning nuclear strike. 80% of the surface area of Canada is hit by missiles. The influence of UCCK, a branch of the Red Mafia based in the United States, is spreading; it specialises in the development of psycho-technological weapons.

2037, 20th May: Hundreds of children are kidnapped in the United States; all had an unusually high IQ. None of them was ever found again. The journalist investigating the case, R. Keith, dies in a car accident. The file on his investigations will never be found.

2046... You are Yuri, you are working for UCCK. Your search for your identity is just beginning...

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